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Tumhari Sulu movie review: Vidya Balan

Tumhari Sulu
Suresh Triveni
Cast: Vidya Balan, RJ Mallishka, Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul
Rating: 2.5/5

TUMHARI SULU STORY: A happy-go-lucky Mumbai suburban housewife Sulochana, fondly known as Sulu, plays the role of a night RJ, resulting in drastic changes to her routine life.
Tumhari Sulu movie review
TUMHARI SULU REVIEW: There’s a been a recent series of Bollywood movies lacking its typical glamorous luster with a focus on the lives of middle-class suburban Indian households. Advertisement director turned filmmaker Suresh Triveni takes this into thought in his big screen debut while writing the story around Vidya Balan as Sulochana or ‘Sulu’, a housewife whose achievements aren’t typically remarkable, but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming big. When presented with a rare opportunity, her succeeding decisions & actions affect her husband, son and immediate family. As a proof to Triveni’s ability as a writer, Sulu doesn’t lose her identity as she begins to experience the corporate media life as an RJ, walking the tightrope between her overnight fame and managing her domestic demands.

Vidya Balan is completely in her element, fill Sulu with an amplitude of infectious optimism without being aggravating. She makes Sulu attractive by bringing out the various shades of a woman who has put her personal aspiration on hold because of her family. It also helps that she is enclosed by strong performances all around, in those playing her colleagues and loved ones. Manav Kaul, in particular, is perfectly cast as Sulu’s husband Ashok – a man trying his best to make his wife happy, but also faces work pressure that gets distracted by anger. And her family isn’t too excited about her sweet-talking potential creeps on a nighttime show which fuels the drama around Sulu’s new career.

The unexpected shift from being lighthearted to a serious drama is largely where the film falters. Until then, there are entire scenes, especially with her colleagues which are completely entertaining but don’t eventually add up to much. We spend a lot of time looking through Sulu’s perspective, and while there’s a lot to fun stuff to enjoy there, thanks to Vidya – this critical conflict emerges well into the film’s runtime, at a point where her voice is just starting to be heard in the world. Fortunately, the tonal shifts are not too shocking to disconnect from the story which is easily accessible. A majority of the modern populace will relate to the challenges faced by Sulu and her family, as we all struggle to live out our dreams of a better life. The soul of this story is ‘Main Kar Sakti Hai’, and with such a pure and affable actress as Vidya Balan in the lead, it is lovingly captured in ‘Tumhari Sulu’ making it an entertaining watch for the whole family.

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