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Tubelight Movie Review

Tubelight Movie Review: Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Tubelight Star Cast: Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Matin Rey Tangu

Tubelight Director: Kabir Khan

What’s Good: SRK’s cameo, Salman’s act in the last scene, the extra-sweet Matin, camerawork, the songs Main Agar and Kintu Parantu.

What’s Bad: Weak script, predictable climax, lack of emotional connect.

Loo Break: Yes.

Watch or Not?: Only if you are a diehard Salman Khan fan



In a residential area called Jagatpur in Kumaon, Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan), a moderate witted individual grows up under the capable insurance of his adoring and minding more youthful sibling Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan). While others bother Laxman, spook him and call him Tubelight, Bharat quieted them down and secures his sibling at whatever point required.

Everything was going fine till abruptly a war breaks out – The Sino-Indian war of 1962. Bharat and different adolescents from the town join the Indian armed force and go to the front to battle. Laxman likewise tries to join the armed force yet fizzles the physical test and subsequently he remains back at home. This allows Laxman to sit unbothered, who is blameless, defenseless and unfit to ensure himself.

An Indian lady of Chinese birthplace Lee Ling (Zhu) originates from Calcutta to remain there with her little child Guwo (Matin Ray Tangu). While Laxman abhors them at in the first place, he is compelled to take after the Gandhian guideline of become a close acquaintence with who you consider your adversary by Banne Chacha (Om Puri). That is the way Lee and Guwo hand Laxman’s just companions over a place where others were for the most part unkind in their approach towards him or basically disregard his jokes.

Laxman updates asking the armed force boss as often as possible there, Major Rajveer Tokas (Yashpal Sharma) when will his sibling come back from war to which he can’t offer a reasonable answer. While others fear Bharat is dead at this point, Laxman’s yakeen (confidence) props him up. Banne Chacha reveals to him that confidence can even move mountains, which Laxman takes actually and tries. In the meantime, he continues trusting that his sibling, who has been caught by the Chinese armed force, will come back from the front and announces that he will get Bharat back with his ‘yakeen’.

Tubelight Movie Review: Script Analysis

The story is gigantically propelled by American war-dramatization film Little Boy with minor changes all over and the creators give due credit to the first.

Tubelight is a film, the account of which is applicable in the strained circumstances of today yet the script looks feeble. The plot appears to have lost in labyrinth while searching for a reason. Laxman’s character is not legitimately scripted and abandons you with many inquiries. There are a few pointless characters without whom the film would do similarly well.

Additionally, I neglected to comprehend why Banne chacha nearly constrains Laxman to become a close acquaintence with Lee Ling and her child in the beginning.The finishing is unsurprising and the peak could be somewhat more fascinating.

Tubelight Movie Review: Star Performance

Salman sets up a decent execution yet this is without a doubt not one of his best. His science with genuine sibling Sohail is charming. Salman’s demonstration in the last scene to convey a torpid individual to detect, helped me to remember Kamal Haasan’s demonstration in Sadma to make Sridevi remember him.

Sohail Khan pulls off a normal execution. The absence of appearances all over is detectable.

Shah Rukh Khan exceeds expectations in his cameo and I might want to say his cosmetics artiste Arun Indulkar for the splendid cosmetics! Yes, you would not have any desire to take your eyes off him in those 8-10 minutes!

Late on-screen character Om Puri conveys a decent execution.

Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub and Brijendra Kala are great performing artists however the script neglects to use them legitimately.

Yashpal Sharma is noteworthy as the armed force Major.

Tyke performing artist Matin Ray Tangu is to a great degree adorable and skilled and you wouldn’t have any desire to take your eyes off him yet then he doesn’t have much to do in the film. The same goes for the truly Chinese performing artist Zhu, who makes her Bollywood make a big appearance with this film.


Tubelight Movie Review: Direction, Music

When you set your measures too high, individuals’ desires from you likewise become higher. That has turned into the case with Kabir Khan, whose last film with Salman Khan was not only a gigantic business achievement but rather touched the core of each watcher. While Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a film, which makes me sit before the TV even today, Tubelight scarcely inspires an emotional response!

In many parts of the film, Laxman is either in tears or going to cry and is extending his arms and delivering a peculiar sound from his throat to move something or the other with his ‘yakeen’. Scarcely any scenes are clever like Laxman’s physical test for the armed force, his apologizing to the sanctuary minister, schoolmaster and an elderly lady for underhandedness conferred in the past and calling Guwo as Goo all through the film. The film extends, particularly in the second half and dissimilar to Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I didn’t require a tissue to wipe my tears this time. The film needs enthusiastic associate in spite of Kabir Khan’s true endeavors to make the gathering of people sob. Aseem Mishra makes an astonishing showing with regards to with the camera.

While I felt such a variety of melodies were redundant for the film, which just broadened the run time, I enjoyed the numbers Kintu Parantu and Main Agar.

Tubelight Movie Review: The Last Word

This Tubelight flashes; neglects to sparkle splendidly. The film neglects to leave an effect. Clearly, somewhat more was normal from the performing artist executive pair who has conveyed a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan before! 2 stars for this.

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