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Ribbon movie review: Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas film

Rakhee Sandilya
Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas
Rating: 2.5/5

It is exciting to see a Hindi film that shows us a couple, not just after marriage, but once they become parents. Kalki Koechlin-Sumeet Vyas-starrer Film Ribbon is realistic to the core, highlights some important issues in our society, and yet, refrains from being preachy.

Ribbon is about an modern, young couple — Sahana and Karan — who face sudden joys, challenges and misfortunes in life. The story shows how the couple copes with it all and what toll it takes on their relationship.

Ribbon movie review

The film starts with Sahana (Kalki Koechlin), a corporate strategist, realising she is pregnant. She goes all crazy, telling her husband that she is not yet ready for the responsibility. The husband, Karan (Sumeet Vyas), manages to convince her after some fights and discussions. The new parents then take us through the not-so-beautiful challenges of parenthood — from changing nappies to hiring nannies and more. The never-ending fights and unsure debates only bring home the genuineness of the narrative.

Ribbon shows us a non-filmy and real-life modern couple in love, living together. A couple that does not need candle light dinners to ignite romance as they are busy meeting deadlines at work and ensuring all EMIs are paid on time.

Ribbon movie review

The best part about the film is that we are given a very realistic view — there are no biased viewpoints that take us through the story. The viewer are free whether they want to judge the characters, choose a side, or simply absorb the harsh realities of life, as shown in the film. Ribbon turns the viewers into a fly on the wall for a clear insider’s view.

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Kalki is quite comfortable in her role and comes across as the perfect choice. Sumeet, of Permanent Roommates fame, leaves behind the charm of Mikesh (his role in the popular web series) and adopts a completely different mantle for the film Ribbon. It is not surprising that most of the dialogues were actually unarranged on the sets and the pre-written ones were not used. Kalki and Sumeet imbibed their characters, as is evident from their convincing performance.

Ribbon movie review

Things take a dark turn when Sahana is not only humiliated but also ‘demoted’ at work — a very authentic view of the gender discrimination frequent in most work places.

The film also touches upon problems like sexual assault, the way we treat and stereotype victims, women, girls, family, and even men. However, addressing these issues is where Ribbon disappoints.

Ribbon rakes up a lot of issues that deserve at least a discussion in the current scenario, but instead, ends up only fleetingly touching these. Neither the characters nor the narrative take upon the evils and the evil-doers.

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  1. The Ribbon movie is one of the best movies of 2017 and Kalki Koechlin is looking stunning in the Ribbon movie.

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