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Check out Exclusive interview with Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra

Catch the latest glimpse of Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra at Bollywood Mummy as he opens up about his personal life.

Rahul Mishra ( Fashion Designer)

Date of birth: November 7

Place of Birth: Malhausi, UP

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Home Town: Malhausi, UP

School/College: Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Centre, Kanpur

First Break: GenNext Show At Lakme Fashion Week

High Point Of Your Life: Winning the international wool mark prize in 2014

Low Point Of Your Life: When I lost my bade papa (uncle) before the Woolmark prize  competition

Currently I AM: Working on my collection for India Couture Week as well as Paris Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2018)

Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra

If you weren’t a designer, you would have been…?

A Cricketer.

Whose style sense have you admired over the years?

I admire fashion legend, Iris Apfel.

Your Favourite decade in fashion is..?

I’d say the ’60s.

As a kid, what would you consider as your first design?

As a kid, I knew very little about designing but I had an inclination towards art. So, observing nature and my pet dog, and drawing him from different perspectives used to make me really happy.

Your favourite international designer is…?

That would be Rei Kawakubo.

One fashion trend you want to do away with..?

Extra-exaggerated boxy silhouettes. It’s overstayed its welcome. We need a fresh perspective to define femininity in fashion.

One old fashion trend that you would want to revive…?

Exaggerated enlarged prints.

One Indian fabric you love to use…?

I Love working with Chanderi.

What is more complicated, designing for men or women…?

I think design in itself is not complicated. The process might be complex, but nothing is complicated. Though presently I enjoy designing women’s wear more.

Do you feel that Indian Men are fashion conscious…?

Indian men are probably more fashion conscious than women. I say this because for them, wearing a brand or a label gives them a sense of recognition, whereas women are more experimental and carefree.

What’s the biggest risk you have ever taken?

When I started showcasing on the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week.It’s not just monetarily expensive, but the level of competition is fierce!

One thing nobody knows about you…?

I used to stammer when I was younger, in my school days.

One style that would suit every Indian woman..?

A beautifully- draped sari.

What’s the one thing you think modern love lacks?

Time for one another, because we’re so busy caught up in our personal space.

An old style of romance you would still prefer…?

Love letters.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve given your partner?

When I was studying in MILAN and Divya was in NIID, I took a flight back during my Christmas break and surprised her.

Your strategy in a crisis is…?

Change the perspective and look at the situation from a distance.

You de-stress by?

Playing with my daughter, Aarna.

Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra

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Food: Dal Chawal

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