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Check out Exclusive interview with Actor Bhumi Pednekar

Catch the latest glimpse of Actor Bhumi Pednekar at Bollywood Mummy as she opens up about her personal life.

Bhumi Pednekar (Actress)

Date of birth: July 18

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Sun Sign: Cancer

Home Town: Mumbai

School/College: Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

First Break: Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015)

High Point Of Your Life: Winning all the awards last year for my first film

Low Point Of Your Life: Non as yet

Bhumi Pednekar

One word you use often…?

Bro! bro zone people all the time.

One superstition you follow?

I never call people from behind when they are leaving the house.

What’s the one thing that you got scolded for the most while growing up?

Not finishing my Math homework. I absolutely hate Math!

One thing not many people know about you…?

That I am a closet singer.

One thing you are most likely to be caught doing when home alone…?

Stretching on the sofa, watching television, especially American and British shows. I am a couch potato!

The filmiest thing you have ever done…?

I had a replica of a red outfit that Karisma Kapoor wore in some movie. I have worn that outfit on many occasions.

One so-bad-it’s-good movie you have watched multiple times…?

Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)

If you could be invisible, which actress would you stalk?

Eva Mendes, because I am so obsessed with Ryan Gosling that I would actually stalk his wife to know what he is up to.

What’s the bitchiest thing you’ve heard about yourself?

That I have an attitude problem, which is so not true!

Your present girl crush…?

Jennifer Lawrence

How much weight did you have to gain and lose for Dum Laga Ke Haisha? Which was more difficult?

I was supposed to gain around 25kgs — that’s like gaining the weight of half a human being! I took around eight months to gain weight and then, I had to lose around 35kgs, which was not easy either. It took me one year and the process is still on.

What’s the best part about being an outsider in the film industry?

I think as an outsider, you are ready to deal with whatever comes your way. There is no set notion about things.

What pisses you off?

I really get pissed off if someone asks me to ‘relax’. I absolutely hate the word.

If you were a brand, what would be your tagline?


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Bhumi Pednekar

My Favourites

Movie: Casablanca (1942)

Comfort food: Sushi

Holiday destination: Spain

Book/author: Any book by Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling and Sidney Sheldon

Mobile app: Instagram

Song: Last Christmas by Wham! (1986)

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